2015-2016 Colloquium/Research Series

Monday, May 9 – Thomas LoFaro, Professor of Mathematics at Gustavus Adolphus College. Talk: Crossing the Threshold: The Role of Demographic Stochasticity in the Evolution of Cooperation.


Monday, May 2 – Thomas Hoft, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of St. Thomas. Talk: An Introduction To Fourier Transformation Based (3D) Imaging With Examples From Industrial Applications.


Monday, Apr. 25 – Stacey Winham, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Biostatistics. Talk: The X Factor: Unraveling Patterns of X Chromosome Inactivation in Ovarian Cancer.


Monday, Apr. 18 – St. Olaf Computer Science students; Maggie Connell, Abdel-Rahman Madkour, John Stone, Hao Du, Rodney LaLonde III, Ryan van Mechelen, Skylar Zhang, Austin Pejovich, Joseph Peterson, Elijah Verdoorn, Stephen Akers, Nadia El Mouldi, Thomas Weihe, Soren Bjornstad, Nathan Maveus, Tian-tian Pang, Jack Hamby, Conrad Parker, Mason Stilwell, Jacob Forster, Joe Jung, Andrew Turnblad.  Talk: 3D Vision and Graphics.


Monday, Apr. 4 – Katherine Kinnaird, Macalester College. Talk: Comparing Songs Without Listening: From MSCS to Music and Back Again.

Monday, Mar. 14 – Haley Hedlin, Ph.D., Senior Biostatistician at Stanford Medicine Quantitative Sciences Unit. Talk:Estimating

temporal associations in electrocorticographic (ECoG) time series.

Monday, Mar. 7 – Michael Chmutov, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Minnesota. Talk: Combinatorics of Standard Young Tableaux.

Monday, Feb. 29 – Ted Lystig ’93, Director, Corporate Biostatistics at Medtronic. Talk: Design Considerations and Alternatives for Clinical Trials of Medical Devices.

Monday, Feb. 22 – Lori Ziegelmeier, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Macalester College. Talk: Measuring The Shape Of Data With Topology.

Wednesday, Feb.  17 – Eric Eager, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Talk: Stochastic Population Dynamics.

Monday, Feb. 15 – Katie Montovan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bennington College in Vermont. Talk: When less is More: Mathematical Models Explain Surprisingly Low Parasitism Rates for a Finnish Wasp.

Monday, Nov. 09 – Summer research students in Computer Science at St. Olaf College.  Talk: Computer Science Undergraduate Reserach Projects. Authors:  Andrew Altmaier ’18, Nolan Arnold ’16, Jake Caswell ’17,  Jonathan Featherstone ’17, Chris Hinton ’18, Joseph Jung ’16, Rodney Lalonde ’16, Omar Shehata ’18,  Emily Simmons ’18.

Monday, Nov. 02 – Alyssa Frazee ’10, earned her PhD in biostatistics Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Alyssa works on the machine learning team at Stripe in San Francisco. Talk title is ‘Am I a Data Scientist?’: The Applied Statistics Student’s Identity Crisis.

Monday, Oct 19 – Kos Diveris and Matthew Wright, Professors of Mathematics at St. Olaf College introduces  “A Mathematical Playground” with Problem Solving.

Monday, Oct. 05 – Visiting Assistant Prof. Bestrashniy at St. Olaf College talks on                                                           “Pop Rocks and Coke: Urban Myths of Public Health”


Monday, Sept. 28 – Prof Garrett, Associate Professor of Mathematic at St. Olaf College talks on                                   “Partitions and Overpartitions”.