MSCS Colloquiums & Research Seminars

MSCS typically hosts a Colloquium on Mondays and a Research Seminar on Fridays. Below you will find upcoming talks and videos will be posted after the talk. Please note to view the video’s you must be signed into your St. Olaf Google Account.

MSCS Colloquium – March 20, 2023
Advances in Spatial Point Process Models for Urban Policing
Claire Kelling, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Carleton College

MSCS TLC Lecture – March 13, 2023 – Video
Voting and Linear Algebra: Connections and Questions
Michael Orrison, Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

MSCS Research Seminar – March 10, 2023 Video
Discrete Frames for High-Dimensional Data
Kristopher Hollingsworth, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, MN State University, Mankato

MSCS Research Seminar – March 3, 2023 – Video
Fibonacci Numbers, Catalan Numbers and the Super FiboCatalan Numbers
Kendra Killpatrick, Professor of Mathematics, Pepperdine University

MSCS Colloquium – February 20, 2023 – Video
Applied Mathematics and Bad Intuition: Two Examples
Steve McKelvey, St. Olaf Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

MSCS Research Seminar – February 17, 2023 – Video
Network Embedding for Potential Energy Landscapes
Paula Mercurio, St. Olaf Visiting Mathematics Professor

MSCS Colloquium – October 24, 2022 – Video
Painful Regressions: Probability and Statistics in Clinical Medicine and Pain Management
Dr. Akshar Rambachan ’12, Physician-investigator and Assistant Professor, UCSF

MSCS Colloquium – April 11, 2022 – Video
Q-Q plots: To de-trend, or not to de-trend
Adam Loy, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Carleton College

MSCS Colloquium – March 7, 2022 – Video
A year in the life of a logistics data scientist
Joe Benson, Data Scientist for CH Robinson

MSCS Colloquium – November 29, 2021 – Video
Untangling the Global Supply Chain: Modeling the International Economy of Things
Steve McKelvey, St. Olaf Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

MSCS Colloquium – October 4, 2021 – Video
A Statistical Approach to Glacier Measurement Uncertainty
Laura Boehm-Vock ’08, St. Olaf Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science

MSCS Colloquium – May 3, 2021 – Video
What is ‘Customer Success Management,’ and what does it have to do with math, anyway?
Dr. Vijay Mehrotra Professor of Business Analytics & Director of Customer Success Management Initiative University of San Francisco, School of Management

MSCS Colloquium – April 26, 2021 – Video
Designing Clinical Trials…During a Pandemic
David Vock ‘07, Associate Professor of Biostatistics University of MN School of Public Health

MSCS Colloquium – April 19, 2021 – Video
A Day in the Life of a Lead Technologist
Aaron R. Lloyd, Rally Lead & Global Capability Specialist at Broadcom

MSCS Colloquium – Marth 29, 2021 – Video
Take what you have gathered from coincidence: Understanding – and Using – Randomness
Matthew Richey, St. Olaf Hardy Distinguished Professor of Science and a member of the Department of
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

MSCS Colloquium – Marth 22, 2021 – Video
Freedom Isn’t Free: Mathematical Modeling of the Costs of Freedom of Choice
Steve McKelvey, St. Olaf Professor of Math, CS & Stats and Data Science

MSCS Colloquium – March 15, 2021 – VideoLinks provided during talk
Visualizing the Whole Wide World on the World Wide Web – Computer Graphics in the Geospatial Industry
Omar Shehata ‘18 – St. Olaf Computer Science and Mathematics Major

MSCS Colloquium – March 8, 2021 – Video
Hey, that really came in handy!
Alyssa Frazee ‘10 – St. Olaf Mathematics Major

MSCS Colloquium –  November 9, 2020 – Video
Sharing Secrets
Adam Wood ’16 – Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, St. Olaf College

MSCS Colloquium – November 2, 2020 – Video
One Function to Rule Them All
David Walmsley, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, St. Olaf College

MSCS Colloquium – October 26, 2020 – Video
Data to Inform Policies to Reduce Gun Violence Involving Civilians and Police
Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, Bloomberg Professor of American Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

MSCS Colloquium – October 5, 2020 – Video
Mayo COVID-Plasma project team: Challenges and day to day work as statisticians
David Hodge & the Mayo COVID-Plasma Project Team

MSCS Colloquium – September 14, 2020 – Video
A Raspberry Pi Platform to Teach Parallel Computing – Tanaka Khondowe ’22 and George Kokalas ’22
Kubernetes:  Creating a St. Olaf Computer Science Local Cloud – Eliott Cassidy ’22 and George Kokalas ’22
The Effects of Interference on Multi-Robot ExplorationDagmawe Haileslassie ’22, Sean Daly ’21,
and Hope Moran ’22

MSCS Colloquium – April 9, 2018 – Video
The Case of the Missing Vertex
Suzanne Doree, Professor of Mathematics Augsburg University

MSCS Colloquium – February 19, 2018 – Video
Color me combinatorial: beauty from statistical mechanics
Kaisa Taipale, University of Minnesota

MSCS Colloquium – December 11, 2017 – Video
How Connected Are Your Bones? A Novice’s Guide to Bone Micro-architecture
Lisa Langsetmo, University of Minnesota

MSCS Colloquium – December 4, 2017 – Video
The Computer Science Senior Capstone Seminar
Cell Phones in the Theater: Wht if you came to a theater show that asked you to keep your cell phone on, and use it, rather than turn it off?
Deandre Bauswell, David Ellenberger, Elija Verdoom
Expanding to the Cloud
Josh Becker, Jesus Caballero, Andrew Lee, Scott Nesbit
Exploring the Fourth Dimension: What does a 4D cube look like?
Justin Pacholec, Tian Tian Pang, Joe Peterson, Omar Shehata

MSCS Colloquium – October 9, 2017 – Video
The Power of Mathematics Teaching in an Age of Alternative Facts
MSCS & Music Department Visiting Speaker Evening Talk – Video
Harmonious Equations: an Exploration of Math & Music
David Kung, Professor of Mathematics, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

MSCS Colloquium – September 25, 2017 – Video
Not All Fun & Games: Challenges of Professional Game DevelopmentOmar Shehata
Tests and Containerized Deployment for HiPerCiC 3 ApplicationsHugo Valent