AQR, Mathematics, and Statistics Placement

All incoming students should complete the AQR, Mathematics, and Statistics Placement Survey (not a mathematics test). The survey will help you determine if you need to take a mathematics, statistics, or computer science (MSCS) course at St. Olaf, and, if so, which course you should take first. To complete the survey you will need just a few minutes and any AP or IB scores you have in mathematics or statistics. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the Director of Mathematics Placement at

If you do not see a survey below, you must first login to your St. Olaf e-mail account at NOTE: Your email must end in for the survey to work correctly.

Internet Explorer alert: some students have had problems loading the survey from Internet Explorer. Either try a different browser, or when the “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” error message appears either go back one page (with the back arrow), or click on “Go back to the previous page” under “What you can try” (make sure that you are signed into your St. Olaf account first).

Please do not request that the form be shared with a non-St. Olaf address. We will not accept responses from any other account.