Collaborative Pianists

Collaborative Pianist Information

Staff pianists and student pianists (listed below), and other area professional pianists (see right for details) are all committed to a successful performance.  Ask your studio teacher for guidance on whom to contact.

Initiate communication with collaborative pianists as soon as pieces to be performed are chosen.  Note the deadlines for requests.  Be prepared to provide legible paper copies of your pieces.  Emailed .pdfs are not sufficient unless approved by your pianist.

Pianists should be informed immediately if a change of recital repertoire or recital date is being considered.  Pianists may or may not be able to accommodate changes.

Students engaging a professional pianist must use a pianist from the approved collaborative pianist list. If they wish to engage someone not on the list, they must first get approval from one of the department chairs.

Staff Collaborative Pianists

Szu-Ling Wu

Szu-Ling Wu

Collaborative Pianist

Christiansen Hall of Music 212

Student Collaborative Pianists


Chen, Lizzy ’27 – any – Kim
Olsen, Leif ’27 – vocal – Atzinger


Blake, Matthew ’25 – vocal, strings, brass – Ananda-Owens
O’Neal, Lucan ’26 – strings, brass, woodwinds – Ananda-Owens
Sanner, Lucas ’25 – strings – Kim
Stremmel, Noah ’26 – any – Kim


Buchman, Charlotte ’26 – any – Ananda-Owens
Oaks, Michael ’26 – any – Atzinger
Schroth-Douma, Will ’27 – any – Atzinger