St. Olaf Choral Festival

Join the Chorus!

Since 1904, St. Olaf College has hosted choirs from across the country to share their talents and embrace the joy and community that arise from singing as one. The St. Olaf Choral Festival offers an exhilarating opportunity for choirs to experience instruction from world-renown conductor, Anton Armstrong, for two in-depth choral rehearsals, culminating in a rousing, collaborative concert alongside St. Olaf choirs.

Important Note: Due to the unique scheduling challenges of the upcoming year, St. Olaf College will be unable to offer the Choral Festival in the 2021-2022 academic year. We look forward to hosting this cherished event again as soon as we’re able, and will post more information when the final dates and details have been finalized. If you have any questions, please contact



Anton Armstrong, Conductor

Anton Armstrong is the Harry R. and Thora H. Tosdal Chair in Music, Professor of Music at St. Olaf College and Conductor of the St. Olaf Choir, a position he assumed in 1990.

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A Lasting Impact

The very first time Levi Wick ’19 visited St. Olaf College, he sang alongside hundreds of students and community members as part of Choral Festival. He was mesmerized by the beautiful sound.

“I knew at that moment — as a high school freshman — that I wanted to join a choir in college,” he said. “When it came time to look at schools, St. Olaf was at the top of my list.”