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A conversation on anti-racism training

Beginning in January, all St. Olaf College faculty, staff, and students will participate in a campus-wide anti-racism training program led by the Washington Consulting Group. 

Each faculty and staff member will sign up for a 2.5-hour training session, and students will sign up for a 2-hour session.  The sessions, which will be conducted in a virtual format, have been designed to be engaging and interactive. The goal is for each member of the campus community to walk away with an understanding of how issues concerning race and equity play out on our campus, as well as with tools they can use to continue the conversation around anti-racism. 

“We understand that this is an important first step of an ongoing process,” says St. Olaf Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Bruce King. “It is our hope that this leads us into the next part of our campuswide engagement around creating an inclusive Ole culture.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the upcoming anti-racism training through a conversation between King and members of the Washington Consulting Group. More information can also be found on the college’s Anti-Racism Training web page.

“It is the responsibility of colleges and universities to prepare the next generation of leaders. And the next generation of leaders will need the skills and the capacity to engage effectively within, about, and across difference,” says the Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, whose team will lead the anti-racism training.