Anti-Racism Training

“The next generation of leaders will need the skills and the capacity to engage effectively within, about, and across difference.”

—Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington


Acting on our commitments to be an Anti-Racist Institution, our campus-wide Anti-Racism Training begins in January 2021 with the goal of 100% participation from students, faculty, staff, and college leadership. Watch the video below to learn more about the upcoming anti-racism training through a conversation between St. Olaf Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Bruce King and members of The Washington Consulting Group.


Build the capacity to live into the core value of being an anti-racist and anti-oppressive community.
  • Why this work matters
  • What it means to be an anti-racist
  • How to develop into an anti-racist

The Experience

  • 2.5 hour for faculty and staff
  • 2 hour for students
  • Virtual and engaging
  • Level setting
  • Not the start all or end-all
  • Will be followed up with other opportunities
  • Will raise expectations
  • Will build capacity for more dialogue

Frequently Asked Questions



The Washington Consulting Group

  • Team of 6 Faculty Members Across Race, Gender, Age, Language, Sex, and more
  • Faculty SJTI
  • National Reputation
  • Years of experience in higher education

Learn More

Becoming a More Inclusive St. Olaf: Celebrating a Future Informed By Our Past

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington’s presentation to faculty and staff at St. Olaf’s Opening Address in August of 2019.

Review the slides that the Washington Group used in leading the experience.