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Flaten Art Museum receives seven Andy Warhol prints

The "San Francisco Silverspot" print is one of four prints from Andy Warhol's Endangered Species series that are now part of the Flaten Art Museum's collection.
The “San Francisco Silverspot” print is one of four prints from Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species series that are now part of the Flaten Art Museum’s collection.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has donated seven of the famed artist’s prints to St. Olaf College’s Flaten Art Museum.

The large prints boost the college’s Warhol collection, which includes 150 original Polaroid photographs and gelatin silver prints that the foundation awarded St. Olaf six years ago.

St. Olaf’s new Warhol works include four prints and a colophon from the artist’s Endangered Species series; the “Annie Oakley” print from the Cowboys and Indians series; and the “Sitting Bull” print.

All of the pieces will be used for teaching and learning, says Flaten Art Museum Director Jane Becker Nelson ’04.

One of the prints from the Endangered Species series, the “San Francisco Silverspot,” is now on display in the St. Olaf Piper Center for Vocation and Career.

“Studying first-rate original works of art is something our students can do right here at St. Olaf, and that experience is incredibly beneficial for professional preparedness and graduate school,” Becker Nelson says. “The Piper Center helps students take their on-campus experience and connect it with vocational interests, so this seems a fitting site to place one of the Warhol prints.”

Andy Warhol was an American pop artist acclaimed for his Campbell’s Soup Cans paintings and portrait series of Marilyn Monroe. A controversial figure even when alive, he is well known for using silkscreen to produce his work in large quantities.