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Jazz trio featuring two St. Olaf professors releases new album

St. Olaf faculty members Dave Hagedorn (left) and Phil Hey (right) joined forces with Chris Bates (center) to form the Good Vibes Trio, which recently released its debut album.

The debut album by a musical trio that includes St. Olaf College Artist in Residence Dave Hagedorn and Instructor in Music Phil Hey “will delight the jazz cognoscenti,” notes a story in the Star Tribune.

But, the paper adds, the self-titled album by the Good Vibes Trio, which also includes Chris Bates, has a reach far beyond jazz aficionados.

“There is something inherently charming and accessible about the shifting, sifting trade-off of lead and supportive roles among the trio, which turns a potential weakness β€” three essentially percussive instruments without the harmonic versatility of a horn or piano β€” into a signature virtue,” states the Star Tribune.

The album features 11 songs β€” a mix of original pieces by each member, along with fresh takes on tracks by well-known artists such as Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, and Freddie Hubbard.

Bates also talks about the trio’s new album on Minnesota Public Radio’s State of the Arts blog.