St. Olaf College | Oracle Reference Page

Go-Live Updates, Deadlines, and Workshops

Go-Live Countdown

T-4 days until Go-Live: Beginning Saturday, December 16, Oracle will be live.

  • Faculty and Staff will receive an email with the login to Oracle on Monday, December 18.
  • Student Employees will receive access to Oracle on Friday, December 23.

Drop-in Oracle Help Sessions during the week of December 18
Monday, December 18–Thursday, December 21 | 1–3 p.m. | Buntrock Commons Room 222
Please stop by for face-to-face support with questions or concerns you may have about Oracle. We look forward to assisting you.

Drop-in Sessions during January 2024
For those of you looking ahead to the new year, please take a look at our schedule of Oracle Drop-In Sessions — January 2024.

Oracle HelpDesk Ticketing System: Share your Questions about Oracle

  • This Friday, December 15, the Oracle team will be rolling out a HelpDesk Ticketing System similar to the one that the St. Olaf community uses to log tickets with IT. You will receive the link on December 18.
  • Why do we need a ticketing system for Oracle?
    • We expect a fair number of questions, and the Oracle HelpDesk will help ensure that we don’t miss your question.
    • As we respond, we can track questions, create spot training, identify bugs, determine positives and pain points, and report issues to Oracle.

Activity Codes
Currently, activity codes have different purposes across campus and are not defined in Lawson. The “Activity” segment in Oracle has a different purpose, however, and all values need to be defined. Please reach out to Nate Engle at if you need to set up these values in Oracle. In your email to Nate, please describe how you use activities in Lawson and provide a listing of the values that you use.

You will be able to log into TIAA directly from Oracle. As we integrate TIAA into Oracle, there will be a blackout period from December 18, 2023, to January 8, 2024, during which you will not be able to access TIAA or make changes to your retirement contributions.

You will receive information directly from TIAA about how to access TIAA through Oracle and about the steps you will need to take.

  • If you believe you will need any pay statements currently in ESS, please download them by the close of business on December 15
  • Your previous pay statements will NOT be available in ESS after we go live.
  • Non-exempt (hourly) staff — time entry and December pay: The final date for you to enter your time is this Friday, December 15. During the week of December 18, you may receive notifications to adjust your time for the December 2–15 pay period to complete your last paycheck for the current period, which will be paid on December 22.
  • Faculty and exempt staff — December pay: You will receive your paycheck on December 29, and your December statement will appear in ESS. Your January pay statement will appear in Oracle.
  • Your W-2, annual salary letter, and 1095-C: These documents will still be available in Document Self-Service (DSS) after we go live.
    • If you believe you will need any pay statements currently in ESS, please download them by the close of business on December 15.
    • Your previous pay statements will NOT be available in ESS after we go live.
  • Wells Fargo: We will continue to use Wells Fargo until the end of the statement period (December 21).
  • Lawson: We will continue to use Lawson through the end of December for our financial reporting.
  • Oracle Expenses and Invoicing: These modules will go live after January 1, 2024.

Please email Amra Mucic at if you plan to hire staff after we lift the freeze. Human Resources needs to know what your recruiting plans look like so they can support you in Oracle.