Wide-Format Printing Guidelines and Pricing

The Print Center offers wide-format printing services to the community.


  • Note: Posters for academic poster presentations should be directed to the DiSCO located on level 4 of the Library. All other poster printing should be directed to the Print Center.
  • The customer is responsible for the content and design of the poster.
  • PDF files are preferred
  • Maximum width is 42 inches
  • Questions? Call 507-786-3382


Campus orders Off-campus order
Paper Option 1: 2.88 per sq foot 3.60 per sq foot
Includes 36# – 48# coated paper
Paper Option 2: 3.32 per sq foot 4.03 per sq foot
Includes 8ml satin photo paper or 8ml polypropylene
Foam Core 4.03 per sq foot 4.61 per sq foot

Grommets: $5.00 minimum includes up to 5 grommets, $1.00 for each additional

Laminating: up to 25 inch wide

.09 per running inch, untrimmed

.015 per running inch, trimmed

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