Be Secure / Be Alert

Work Securely

Continue to employ security best practices as you work remotely. Make sure you have all critical updates for your operating system installed and are using anti-virus/anti-malware software.

If you are working with sensitive information, be sure to keep any paperwork secured and to lock your computer when you are not using it.

More information on securely working from home.

Remain Vigilant

The Coronavirus outbreak has global attention and is a national emergency in the United States. Since cybercriminals prey on fear, we can expect to see more and more COVID-19 scams as the situation progresses.

Situations like this are prime phishing opportunities for bad actors. Report phishing using the “Report phishing” feature of Gmail. For more detail on how to do that watch 1 Minute on How to Report Phishing. Report other security concerns using the IT support portal or contacting the Help Desk at

More information on COVID-19 Scams and actions to take.