Other Resources


Russian Conversation Table

Wednesdays in Buntrock 221, 5:30–6:30 p.m.

Russian Study Sessions

Visit the Russian House on Ole Avenue and do your homework in a group.


Online Resources

Internet Directories

Russian Academy of Sciences

Summer Studying

Master Russian A great reminder of grammar: all the cases, conjugations, useful phrases, and vocabulary.

Mosfilm on YouTube A fantastic selection of Russian movies, some with and without subtitles

Morpher.ru This website allows you to automatically add vocal stress accents to text!

Wiktionary The best place to check your conjugations and cases. Just type in the word you want to check.

Multitran.ru The best Russian-English dictionary. It normally has a large list of meanings.

Русский Мат The best online dictionary for Russian slang and vulgar words: practical information, but use it very carefully.

Quizlet is a great resource for vocabulary practice. This link has every chapter in Nachalo.

Recommended Apple iPhone/iPad apps

Gramota Cases, conjugations, and Abbreviations reference.

Phonetic Keyboard Yes, you can now use a phonetic keyboard on your iPhone!

Quizlet A great way to practice vocabulary on your iPhone.

Russian Search Engines

Yandex The most common Russian search engine.

Useful Links

AATSEEL Comprehensive guide to Russian culture and history
REESE Perhaps the best overall site for Russian research
Friends & Partners Site devoted to promote US/Russian relations
US Library of Congress
Russian Slang Helpful but not extensive slang resource