SSSD Peer Leaders

Meet the SSSD Peer Leaders!

Below you’ll find information on each of the peer leaders within the SSSD Office.  Peer leaders help to plan programs, recruit students, publicize, and generally help the SSSD in its functions.

Image of a woman with long brown hair wearing a sleeveless dress looking into the camera and smiling in front of a green background

Emma Krantz

Pre-Med, Biology Major with Race and Ethnic Studies Concentration
Talk to me about: study methods, forming healthy habits, coping with anxiety, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia/calculia, and other learning disabilities, hiking, skiing, and being an EMT!

A white woman in front of a brown background with shoulder length brown hair. She is smiling and wearing a blue denim jacket with her hands at her sides

Jenna Becker

Spanish Major (Pre-Health)
Talk to me about: ADHD, study methods, low-income student life, managing academics with work study, communicating with professors, research, LGBTQ+ Identity, embroidery, reading, music, and card games

A selfie of a woman with medium length brown hair, clear framed glasses, a black sweater, and wearing a pearl necklace. She is making a side smirk and has her left arm holding the back of her head

Abby Engbrecht

Mathematics Major
Talk to me about: ADHD, anxiety disorders, social communication disorders, fashion, math, choir, general dorkiness and coping with new health issues

A white woman with long brown hair, a black long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans standing with her back against a reddish brown brick wall looking at the camera. There are tall buildings out of focus in the background
Lily Mork

Psychology and Race and Ethnic Studies Majors with Neuroscience Concentration
Talk to me about: Chronic illness, late ADHD diagnosis, anxiety disorders, coping with stress, reading/your favorite books, plants, psychology, and American Sign Language!