The liberal arts education offered at St. Olaf college can take students almost anywhere. The college’s unique combination of intellectual rigor, outstanding faculty, rich internship and extracurricular programs, and strong alumni network offer the kinds of experiences that are great preparation for a wide range of interesting jobs, top graduate school programs, and rewarding service projects.

From the close-knit campus community, a St. Olaf education connects students to people, ideas, and organizations across the country and around the world. Oles find one another wherever they go, opening doors, making local connections, and providing the support that will help launch careers.

Oles find many paths to success, from start up tech companies, major players in healthcare, and name brand retailers, to the military, non-governmental organizations, and graduate school programs. With the opportunities to create a unique St. Olaf educational experience, utilize the Piper Center’s resources, and pursue a unique career, Oles are set on a path for success. Regardless of where they end up, all share a lifelong connection to the St. Olaf Community.