Ole Alert

St. Olaf has contracted with a company called e2Campus/Omnilert to provide Ole Alert, a text message service to cell phones, as well as email notification, in the event of an emergency.  It is designed to provide timely information should campus operations be disrupted by major weather events or crisis and emergency situations.

In the event of such an occurrence we will use other modes of communication to provide information and direction to the community, including the campus email system and the St. Olaf website.

We strongly encourage students, staff and faculty who have texting capabilities, as well as those who don’t but have access to e-mail, to sign up for this service.  If you are interested in receiving Ole Alert emergency notifications, you can login with your St. Olaf username and password. using the link below.

Please note: Beginning in the fall of 2014, the Ole Alert system now uses your current St. Olaf username and password. if you were signed up previously, you will have the opportunity to link your “old” account and phone number to this “new” login method.

Sign up or Log in to Ole Alert

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