Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

"Synergy," a sculpture by Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Loren Larson.

“Synergy,” a sculpture by Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Loren Larson.

St. Olaf’s Class of 2015 includes 69 mathematics majors, 6 math-bio-concentrators, 27 statistics concentrators, and 15 computer science majors.

We foster an inclusive community of students and faculty centered around mathematics, statistics, and computer science; their characteristic modes of thought, reasoning, and problem-solving; their beauty, power, and enjoyment; and their importance among the liberal arts. To this end, we strive to:

  • Cultivate a “big tent” philosophy, welcoming students with a broad range of interests, backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations
  • Develop and support leadership and innovation in teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Build forward-looking interactions among our distinct but connected disciplines
  • Provide rigorous and stimulating academic and intellectual experiences for students and faculty
  • Engage with larger academic and intellectual communities

 Join the joint St. Olaf – Carleton Mathematical Modeling Team!

How can we eradicate Ebola?  What happened to flight MH370?  Who are the best sports coaches of all time?  Mathematicalmodels hold the answers.  Join the joint St. Olaf-Carleton Mathematical Modeling Team and get a chance to apply mathematics to real world problems and compete for big prizes!  All levels of experience welcome!  Contact Prof.Thompson ( or Prof. Purin ( for further information.