Helpful Links for Incoming Students

Here are some internet links that may be helpful in preparation for your entrance into and permanence in the Spanish courses at St. Olaf:


Practical Course in Spanish Grammar
A complete course in Spanish grammar, with three levels of exercises and an answer key for each activity.

Spanish and Technology
Grammar lessons: false friends, imperfect, “el léxico de la informática”, commands, idiomatic expressions, “por” and “para”, pronouns, “ser” and “estar”.

Subjunctive: phrases and conjunctions
Phrases and conjunctions that always, or sometimes, are followed by the subjunctive mood of a verb.

Present subjunctive
Subjunctive with verbs of influence, subjunctive to express feelings and emotions, subjunctive with expressions of necessity and emotion, subjunctive to express doubt.

Courses and Methods

Los Trotamundos
An innovative method of Spanish for boys and girls in two levels, that combines games and activities with the acquisition of a communicative competence, adequate to the age group.


Diccionario Anaya
An updated dictionary that can be consulted in case of doubts or to amplify information about the Spanish language using 34,000 voices.

Latin American Dictionaries
A series of links to different Latin American Dictionaries. Presented in English.

Enciclopedia Virtual Icarito
Can be consulted on diverse areas such as astronomy, history, mathematics, human sciences, etc.

A general dictionary of the Spanish language. Can be used to look up the definition of a word and the translation of the word from Spanish to English and viceversa.

Culture and Society

The museums of Madrid
The main museums of the capitol of Spain: Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Museo Municipal, Museo Sorolla, Museo de la Ciudad and Museo de Ciencias Naturales.

Latin Music
A collection of samples of Latin Music.


Leer es fiesta
From the first steps of learning to more advanced levels; brief and varied literary texts for the course in Spanish.


Cooking Recipes
Spanish cuisine.


Official server for the Comité Olímpico Español (Spanish Olympic Committee). On these pages the COE offers all sorts of information about the organization and its activities, as well as the history of the Olympic Games in Spain. It shows a complete guide to national and international sports organizations to easily access information on a favorite sport. One can also follow the athletic development of the competitors for the upcoming Olympic Games, along with all the information about the ADO program. The site also presents information to allow for a better understanding of the performance of the Spanish teams at the last Olympic Games, the athletes that participated in those Games, and their more recent career moves.

Spanish Sports
Offers information related to each sport: “aeronaútica”, “atletismo”, basketball, cycling, children’s sports, “esgrima”, skiing, gymnastics, “olimpismo”, golf, racing, “piraguismo”, rugby, tennis, “tiro”, sailing, volleyball. Also offers links to the official servers of national and European competitions and their calendars of events.

Tourism (Spain)

“Ciudadfuturo”- guide for Madrid
“Ocio” and cultural life in Madrid, from Ciudad Futura.

Tourism (Latin America)

Costa Rica- Visitors’ site
Costa Rican page with information on tourism and directories for: restaurants, hotels, “centro de aventuras”, travel agencies and national parks.

Perú- Machupicchu
The historic sanctuary page of Machupicchu. It offers tourist information: tourist guides, travel agencies, adventure tourism, arts and crafts, discotecs, restaurants, accomodations, youth hostels, music and culture, etc.

Press and Media

El Quiosco Virtual (The Virtual Kiosk)
El Quiosco Virtual offers the opportunity to choose between newspapers in Spanish from Spain and Latin America, the date of publication of each paper, and the chosen section (front page, international, national, economy, sports, culture, opinión)

Quiosco virtual
Spanish press by Spain and Latin America, from La Página del Idioma Español

Hispanidad @
An edited newspaper from Spain with general information: latest news, personals, opinions, new ideas.

La Nación, Buenos Aires
From Argentina, with different sections: edition, front page, all titles, previous editions, opinion, economy, politics, general info, exterior, sports, special interests, weather, Usted opina. It has a browser and various other services.

El País
Electronic newspaper in Spanish.


All the news of the famous North American news station, now available in Spanish. The page is presented in the following format: most important news of the day, other headings and top stories, numbered on a list. It offers various services: index, search, help, mail, Ver lo que hay en CNN TV, horóscopo.

From Mexico; ¡Con alma latina!, the Galavisión page takes from the following categories: schedules, movies, comedy, sports, music, news, novels, bilingual programming, and more. It also offers links to other sites and the opportunity to choose a program based on its title.

Chat sites

CIVILA, virtual latino cities
The place for Latinos on the internet, where “the web is the people”, through the presentation of the site. The objective is to project the Latin culture to the rest of the world, enhancing Latin presence online by offering free webspace to individuals and social, ecological and cultural institutions.

Scholastic Exchanges

SAS Internacional
SAS Internacional is an organization of international cultural exchange that, through its initiatives has introduced in Spain a wide variety of possibilities for learning languages. SAS Internacional offers language courses abroad with homestays in family homes, the oportunity to travel au-pair, living exchanges, etc.

Web pages of Spanish Schools
The magazine iWorld presents here a selection of web pages for schools in all Spanish-speaking territory, with the goal of facilitating contact between schools and the exchange of addresses.

Yahoo in Spanish