Spanish Book Club

Looking for a way to keep your Spanish alive over the summer or while you’re not enrolled in a Spanish course here at St. Olaf? Are you looking to continue to grow your Spanish skills and have fun while doing it?  You’re invited to participate in the Círculo de Lectores, our Annual Spanish Book Club!

Each year, Spanish students and faculty read Spanish Novels, over the summer or during interim, and then meet to discuss and talk about the book while enjoying each other’s company and some refreshments, of course!

There’s Still Time to Participate in this fall’s Book Club reading, Inéz del Alma Mía: Novela! 


Thursday, November 7th, 11:30am-12:30pm 

WLC Reserve Room


The book for this summer was Inés del Alma Mía: Novela, by Isabel Allende and it is available in paperback at It is an accessible and enjoyable read and tells the story of real life conquistadora Inés Suarez. Meticulously researched, this work of historical fiction will draw you in with its rich characters and story based on the known events of Inés Suarez’s life.

Whether or not you are taking a Spanish class in the fall, you can join us! Reading is a great way to keep up your Spanish and you can join us this fall for a community time gathering with treats to talk about it!

How to participate? Purchase the book (information below) and start reading! It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a way to keep your Spanish fresh!