All student St. Olaf email accounts are defaulted to receive an e-bill whenever a new bill is generated. Students can also authorize others to their bills, grades, degree audit, and schedule. The student must be the one to set up access due to the FERPA privacy rules.

To sign up additional emails to receive your tuition statements you will need to sign into the SIS and click on the Permissions link on the left-hand side of the page. From the Permissions page you can provide the relevant email addresses (one at a time if the email address is not already in here) and authorize viewing of selected information to that address. Click on the green ‘Grant Access’ button to grant access to the selected options for that email address. An email will then be sent to that address letting them know that they now have access to this information. The bottom section titled “Permissions” is a listing of the e-mail addresses that have already been granted access to the Parent Access Page. These listings allow the student to change the access settings at any time by clicking on the check boxes and pressing “Update” or by pressing the “Delete” button to remove all access to that e-mail.  Student Information System (SIS).

Please keep the following in mind regarding e-bills:

  • Only the student will be able to add email addresses and authorize others to their information. Neither the Student Accounts Office, nor any other office on campus, can do this for you per FERPA privacy rules.
  • You can log into the SIS Permissions page at anytime and change your settings.

Please access the links below for help. Notify the Student Accounts Office at tuition@stolaf.edu if you have difficulties, questions, or comments.