Student Loan Accounts/Collections

St. Olaf College is the loan holder for both the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Nursing Loan, and for the St. Olaf College (Institutional) Loans.  Heartland/ECSI is our loan servicer.  You can access your Perkins, Nursing loan, and/or St. Olaf College Loan accounts 24/7 at  This website enables you to make payments, view your loan account status, update your contact information, and download important forms.  You may also reach Heartland/ECSI toll-free at 1.888.549.3274.

Please note that because of privacy laws and regulations, only borrowers (students) may contact Heartland/ECSI or St. Olaf College regarding their loans.  However, borrowers may submit written permission to allow other individuals to discuss their account with Heartland/ECSI and St. Olaf College representatives.

Accepting Loan

All students accepting the College Loan are required to complete a Promissory Note (digitally sign for the loan) once each academic year.  This will be completed online with Heartland/ECSI.

First Time Borrowers
  • You will receive an email from ECSI with a Pin number, used to authenticate yourself.
  • Visit:
  • Log in.  If you do not have a social security number enter 3 zeros and then your student ID number.
    • If you haven’t received a PIN number, you may be able to log in with your Zip code, if not, please call ECSI at 1-888-549-3274.
  • Book an Appointment with a financial aid counselor.  We want to make sure to answer all of your loan questions before you are eligible to receive the funds.
Returning Borrowers
  • Sign into your ECSI account.
  • Sign your promissory note.

Repaying Loans

The Perkins and Nursing Loans are both Federal Loans.  You may qualify to have part or all of your loan forgiven, or if you are experiencing a hardship, have payments temporarily stopped/reduced.  You can read more about your options at:


The College Loan is generously funded by donors to the college.  Each payment received, helps  future students have the option to borrow.  While there are no deferment or cancellation benefits for this loan, if you are experiencing a hardship, please contact Heartland/ECSI to determine if your payments can be be temporarily reduced.

If you are a former student or graduate of St. Olaf College and would like to inquire about previous tuition/comprehensive fee accounts, please contact Paula Mathews at 507-786-3296 or  Please keep in mind that written permission must also be submitted to the St. Olaf College Student Loan Accounts Office if another individual wishes to discuss your tuition/comprehensive fee accounts.

Office Contact Information

Paula Mathews, Student Accounts Receivable Coordinator

St. Olaf College
1520 St. Olaf Avenue
Northfield, MN 55057-1098

Phone: 507-786-3296
Fax: 507-786-3210
Tomson Hall Rm 134

Exit Loan Counseling for Perkins Loan Borrowers

If you are soon graduating or withdrawing from St. Olaf College and you borrowed a Perkins Loan during your time here, you are required by Federal regulations to complete an Exit Loan Interview.  Failure to complete the exit will result in a hold being placed on your transcript and diploma.  The exit is conducted online.  You will receive an email, at your St. Olaf address, when the Exit is available.

Collection Agencies

If you default on your student loans (Perkins or St. Olaf College Loans) and/or your comprehensive fee account, it is possible that your account(s) was sent to a commercial collection agency.  Please contact Paula Mathews to inquire about your delinquent account and for collection agency information.