Resources for Faculty – Multilingual Support

CAAS Presentation to Faculty on Support for Multilingual Students (Slide presentation for professors with current demographics, college support systems, and a brief introduction to Universal Design for Learning — a new way to approach accessibility)

“Teaching Multilingual Students: An Overview for Course Instructors and TAs” (Suggestions for working with multilingual students from the University of Toronto Writing website)

St. Olaf College Statement on Instructional Adaptations  (Guidance regarding instructional adaptations to testing procedures for students whose first language is not English)

“Helping International Students Thrive on U.S. Campuses” (Suggestions for helping international students adjust to campus through orientation programs and support networks, from International Educator)

“Valuing Written Accents: International Voices in the U.S. Academy” (The findings of a research project done by the University Writing Center at George Mason University that presents the diverse writing experiences of multi-lingual students)

“Writing Across Borders” Part 1, “Writing Across Borders” Part 2 (A documentary produced by Oregon State University’s Center for Writing and Learning and its Writing Intensive Curriculum Program to help tutors, faculty and staff work with international student writers)

Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education (A link to CAST website, a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning)

Suggested Syllabus Statements (A link to the Student Life Committees collection of statements that faculty members may choose to include on their course syllabi)

Consultations and Advice: Anne Berry (, x3361)

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