Copy of _Flight Over the Vineyard_

Study Abroad and the Pandemic

In this guest post, reimagine the practices, preparation, and community engagement of study abroad.

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Social Change Wheel from Campus Compact

ACE Online: Imagine the Possibilities

Need ideas? Here’s just a few (or a lot)…

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Yes, Rest for the Weary

What if rest is actually the best action we can take for ourselves and for each other right now?

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Virtual Volunteering and Victory Vegetables

Let’s imagine what it can look like when each of us, in our own ways, virtual or in the dirt, can grow to support each other and be of use.

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IMG_9506 (1)

Civic Engagement: A Virtuous Contagion

What can you, me, and all of us do today to create a virtuous contagion?

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nuts and bolts about you

Nuts & Bolts, Pt. 2: Your Students' Perspective

Tech, assessment, communication, and even a Carole King song.

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The gift of a gracious break

A different but equally fruitful act of being generous, kind, and compassionate to ourselves and others…

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nuts and bolts robtos

Nuts & Bolts, Pt. 1: Your Partner's Perspective

It’s not just about us and our students anymore.

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Portrait Of Mister Rogers

Be the Helpers

How can we, in this pandemic of which we have so little control, make the conscious choice to be the helpers?

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Making meaning2

Let's not miss the meaning

How little we stop. And think. About why and how what we are learning and doing is important.

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STO broad view

Civic-Mindedness and COVID-19

I’ve tried to start a webpage responding to COVID-19 at least five times since last Thursday, all with different angles. Each time I started, I felt that what I had to say was inadequate to the immensity of the situation.

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