Fine Arts


Creativity is one of the most important 21st-century skills. Through the arts, you can hone your problem-solving, improvisation, presentation, and performance skills — all abilities that will help you stand out in any field. As one of very few colleges to offer accredited majors in all four of the major arts disciplines — art, dance, music, and theater — St. Olaf is uniquely positioned to stretch your creative limits.

Choirs + Music Ensembles


Theater Productions


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Our bands, choirs, and orchestras are world-renowned. Our art program is highly respected and has a great track record of preparing students for graduate school in architecture and museum studies, and for careers as illustrators, photographers, and makers of art. Our dance and theater programs launch graduates into conservatory programs and performing careers. Whatever your creative aspiration, the training you’ll receive at St. Olaf can prepare you for the demands of auditions and shows.



The strongest case for the arts at St. Olaf is the liberal arts context in which you’ll learn. Great art reflects great ideas, and the breadth of a St. Olaf education ensures you’ll be both creatively skilled and intellectually challenged. You’ll always have something to say through your work.

One of very few colleges to offer accredited majors in all four of the major arts disciplines — art, dance, music, and theater — St. Olaf is uniquely positioned to stretch your creative limits.