Graduate and Professional School

St. Olaf College prepares its students for successful graduate and professional school outcomes.

  • According to the most recent National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates, St. Olaf ranks 11th overall among the nation’s 239 baccalaureate colleges in the number of graduates who go on to earn doctoral degrees.  St. Olaf also earned top 10 rankings in the many fields, including: religion/theology (3rd); mathematics/statistics (4th); physical sciences (5th), arts/music, education and life sciences (6th); social service (7th).
  • St. Olaf has had five Rhodes Scholars since 1995. Two St. Olaf seniors were selected in the 2008 awards competition. Over the past two decades, only two other liberal arts colleges have had the honor of having two selections in a single year.
  • 11 recent St. Olaf graduates were named Fulbright recipients for 2016-17. Since 1995, 119 St. Olaf students have received the prestigious Fulbright scholarships.
  • The average acceptance rate of St. Olaf’s competitive applicants (defined as cumulative GPA > 3.59) to medical school (MD degree) from 2011-2016 was 75%, as compared to the overall national average of 47% (2010-2015 – the most recent years data is available). For applicants matriculating in 2016, the acceptance rate of St. Olaf’s competitive applicants was 83%, with the total applicant acceptance rate at 70%.