Test Optional


St. Olaf College does not require an ACT, SAT, or CLT score to be considered for admission. Though some students feel that their test score is a strong component of their application, St. Olaf recognizes that this is not true for all applicants.

We believe that a student’s performance in high school coursework is the best indicator of success in college, and know that there are barriers outside of students’ control that affect standardized test performance. We want your application to empower you, and for you to feel like it is the most accurate reflection of your skills and abilities. We look forward to continuing to review applications in a thoughtful, holistic way.

International Students:

TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores are required if English is not their first language and/or the language of primary instruction in school.

Special Populations:

We encourage homeschooled students and students with narrative transcripts to submit test scores.

Merit Scholarships:

Applicants who choose not to submit a test score will be considered for all merit scholarships.

Changing Your Test Submission Decision:

If you submit your scores and decide that you do not want them to be considered as a part of your application, you need to let the Admissions Office know by November 1st for students applying Early Decision 1  and by December 1st for students applying Early Decision 2 or Regular Decision.

How to Submit Your ACT, SAT or CLT Score:

For students who are submitting test scores, we accept self-reported test scores. Should you choose to enroll at St. Olaf, you will need to verify your self-reported scores by providing official test score reports from the College Board, ACT, CLT or on your official high school transcript. You may self-report your test scores via emailed score reports or screenshots from you or your counselor; on your Common Application/Coalition Application; or by filling out this quick form.

We will also superscore the SAT and the ACT, by combining your highest subsection score from different test dates to create your composite score.

Average ACT and SAT Scores:
1220 - 1410

Middle 50% SAT:


Median SAT:


Middle 50% ACT:


Median ACT: