Activate Your Account

Activating your St. Olaf Account is an important next step when you officially join the Class of 2025. For students with financial aid awards, it will allow you to access your Financial Aid Online. Without an active St. Olaf account, you cannot accept your financial aid award, but you may view your financial aid award in your Admissions Account at any time.

Your St. Olaf account will also allow you to activate your St. Olaf e-mail address and start receiving important notices from the college once you have made your enrollment deposit.

How to Activate Your St. Olaf Account:
  • Step #1: search your email account — the same one you used for your Common Application account — for an email from St. Olaf IT (may appear as from “St. Olaf College”) with the subject line: St. Olaf account activation instructions. Be sure to check your spam folder as well.
  • Step #2: Follow the instructions in the email; you must click on/follow the link provided in the email.
  • Step #3: The link in the email will take you to the Account Services page on the St. Olaf website; here, create your account password. (Keep it confidential and do not share with anyone, even parents!). Click the “complete activation” button.
  • Step #4: You’ll see “Username activated” on the next screen if your password is accepted. Note: you’ll get an email from St. Olaf Account Services to your original email that notifies you that your St. Olaf password has been changed.

PLEASE NOTE: In the transition from applicant to admitted student, you will have two separate accounts: an Admissions Account and a St. Olaf Account.

The login and password you used to monitor the status of your application and view your financial aid award is your Admissions Account. This account is the one you will use to make your enrollment deposit and accept your place in the class, register for Admitted Student Days, and apply for a Conversation or Learning Community program.

The St. Olaf Account you activate here will be your St. Olaf login and password for all college business going forward. It is necessary to accept your financial aid award, as well as housing and course registration and other steps you will take later in the spring and summer.