First 30 Years of Enrollment 1100-1199

Initial Matriculation Last Name First Name Department Graduate? Year
1902-1903 Hylden Ole College no
1900-1901 Hylland Ole Academy/Classical yes 1903
1903-1904 Hylland Ole College no
1886-1887 Isaacson Timan Academy no
1890-1891 Isberg Agnete Mathilda Academy yes 1894
1898-1899 Isberg Helen Music Department no
1904-1905 Isberg Styrk Egbert Academy no
1900-1901 Island Gusta Marie Academy no
1900-1901 Island Jens Academy no
1904-1905 Iversen Alfred Rudolph Academy no
1891-1892 Iverson Albert Martin Academy no
1895-1896 Iverson Anthon B. Academy yes 1897
1897-1898 Iverson Anthon B. College yes 1901
1879-1880 Iverson Belle. Academy no
1881-1882 Iverson Bernhard. Academy no
1877-1878 Iverson Edward Academy no
1891-1892 Iverson Iver Martin Academy no
1899-1900 Iverson Peter K. Academy no
1902-1903 Jackman Charles Fenton Academy no
1888-1889 Jacobsen (son?) Ludvig Academy no
1904-1905 Jacobson Agnes Rebecca School of Music/piano, vocal culture no
1900-1901 Jacobson Andrew Academy/Scientific yes 1904
1904-1905? Jacobson Andrew College yes 1906
1881-1882 Jacobson Axel Academy no
1896-1897 Jacobson Helga Christine Academy no
1880-1881 Jacobson Hilda Theresia. Academy no
1880-1881 Jacobson Jacob Academy no
1892-1893 Jacobson Jacob Academy no
1891-1892 Jacobson Julia Mathilde Academy no
1898-1899 Jacobson Lars Andreas Academy no
1883-1884 Jacobson Marie Academy no
1891-1892 Jacobson Oscar Tolford Academy yes 1893
1900-1901 Jacobson Otto Abraham Quisling Academy/Scientific yes 1901
1895-1896 Jacobson Theodor Martin Academy yes 1897
1879-1880 Jacobson Thurlow Tegner. Academy no
1888-1889 Jacobson (sen?) Ludvig Academy no
1886-1887 Jahren Hans H. Academy no
1886-1890 Jahren J.H. Divinity School yes 1886-1890
1886-1887 Jellum Ole N. Academy no
1904-1905 Jensen (Julia Anna?) Mary School of Music/piano, vocal culture no
1902-1903 Jensen Carl Christian Alfred College yes 1906
1886-1887 Jensen Johannes Academy no
1896-1897 Jensen Jorgen Academy no
1888-1889 Jensen (son?) William Academy no
1885-1886 Jenson Andreas O. Academy no
1901-1902 Jenson Jens (James?) Martin College no
1880-1881 Jenson Matthias. Academy no
1888-1889 Jenson (sen?) William Academy no
1895-1896 Jensson (Roseland) Adolph Benjamin Academy yes 1898
1898-1899 Jensson (Roseland) Adolph Benjamin College no
1904-1905 Jerdee Alfred Academy no
1902-1903 Jerdee Perry Sanford Academy/English yes 1906
1902-1903 Jerdee Peter Academy no
1904-1905 Jersing Ole Christian School of Music/vocal culture no
1877-1878 Jeslos Gunhild Academy no
1877-1878 Jeslos Sigurd Academy no
1879-1880 Jesme Louis. Academy no
1904-1905 Jevne Frantz College no
1883-1884 Johanneson Anton. Academy no
1881-1882 Johanneson Berthe Margrete. Academy no
? Johnson A. Rebecca Music Department/Voice (academy) yes 1907
1902-1903 Johnson Ada Amelia College yes 1906
1900-1901 Johnson Albert Academy no
1886-1887 Johnson Alexander Academy no
1875-1876 Johnson Alf. Academy no
1903-1904 Johnson Alfred Melvin Academy no
1880-1881 Johnson Andreas Academy no
1902-1903 Johnson Anna Marie College no
1883-1884 Johnson Anne Christine Academy no
1895-1896 Johnson Beatrice Regina Academy yes 1898
1892-1893 Johnson Bertha Music Department no
1892-1893 Johnson Bertha Elisabeth Academy no
1883-1884 Johnson Bertha. Academy no
1899-1900 Johnson Carl Johan Academy no
1892-1893 Johnson Caroline Academy no
1899-1900 Johnson Caroline Elise (Mrs. Imbert Roe) Academy/Classical yes 1903
1883-1884 Johnson Christina. Academy no
1904-1905 Johnson Edward College no
1881-1882 Johnson Edwin. Academy no
1904-1905 Johnson Eina School of Music/piano, vocal culture no
1902-1903 Johnson Emil A. Academy no
1904-1905? Johnson Emil A. College yes 1906
1886-1887 Johnson Eric Academy no
1899-1900 Johnson Evelyn Music Department no
1900-1901 Johnson Gena Academy/English yes 1902
1903-1904 Johnson George Academy no
1897-1898 Johnson George Henry Academy no
1885-1886 Johnson George J. Academy no
1897-1898 Johnson George Luther Academy no
1897-1898 Johnson George Paul Academy yes 1899
1899-1900 Johnson George Paul College no
1884-1885 Johnson Giert J. Academy no
1900-1901 Johnson Gina (Gena?) Academy/English yes 1902
1887-1888 Johnson Gudmund Academy no
1887-1888 Johnson Gusta Tomine Academy no
1896-1897 Johnson Gustav Academy no
1884-1885 Johnson Hannah Academy no
1885-1886 Johnson Hans Ludvig Academy no
1904-1905 Johnson Hattie Severine School of Music/piano no
1903-1904 Johnson Henry Academy no
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