First 30 Years of Enrollment 1800-1899

Initial Matriculation Last Name First Name Department Graduate? Year
1902-1903 Olberg Edwin Julius Academy no
1900-1901 Oleson Henry Albert Academy/Classical yes 1904
1879-1880 Oleson Wilhelm. Academy no
1891-1892 Oleson (Olson?) Christina N. Academy no
1878-1879 Oli Ole O. Academy yes 1882
1903-1904 Olsen Caroline Music department/piano no
1894-1895 Olsen (Olson?) Carrie Emily (Mrs. H. B. Kildahl) Academy no
1894-1895 Olsen (Olson?) Ella Ruth (Mrs. Emil Molstad) Academy yes 1897
1893-1894 Olson Alfred Academy no
1896-1897 Olson Andrew C. Academy yes 1899
1899-1900 Olson Andrew C. College no
1904-1905 Olson Anna Maria Academy no
1904-1905 Olson Belle Rosalie College no
1904-1905 Olson Caleb Jonathan Academy/Scientific yes 1909
1881-1882 Olson Carl Martin. Academy no
1900-1901 Olson Caroline Amelia (Amalia?) Academy no
1901-1902 Olson Clara Academy no
1902-1903 Olson Clay Wesley Academy no
1897-1898 Olson Edna Marie Academy no
1884-1885 Olson Edward Academy no
1887-1888 Olson Edward Academy no
1882-1883 Olson Embert Academy no
1896-1897 Olson Frederik Arnold Academy no
1887-1888 Olson George Albert Academy no
1894-1895 Olson George Walter Academy yes 1899
1899-1900 Olson George Walter College no
1887-1888 Olson Gurine Academy no
1902-1903 Olson Henry Oliver Academy no
1891-1892 Olson Hermana Academy no
1904-1905 Olson Ingara School of Music/piano, voice culture no
1890-1891 Olson Isaac C. Academy no
1889-1890 Olson Lars J. Academy no
1900-1901 Olson Lulu Anne Academy no
1877-1878 Olson Marie Academy no
1888-1889 Olson Martin C.L. Academy no
1876-1877 Olson Martinius Academy no
1900-1901 Olson Nils Johannes Academy no
1879-1880 Olson Nils S. Academy no
1882-1883 Olson Nils. Academy no
1904-1905 Olson Oscar Elmer Academy no
1890-1891 Olson Oscar M. Academy no
1902-1903 Olson Otto Gerhard Academy no
1881-1882 Olson Rosa Academy no
1887-1888 Olson Susie Academy no
1899-1900 Olson Theodore Academy no
1887-1888 Olson William (Wilken?) H. Academy no
1899-1900 Olson Otto Gustinus Academy no
1891-1892 Olson (Oleson?) Christina N. Academy no
1892-1893 Olson (Oleson?) Ole Academy no
1892-1893 Olson (Oleson?) Ole Academy no
1894-1895 Olson (Olsen?) Carrie Emily (Mrs. H. B. Kildahl) Academy no
1894-1895 Olson (Olsen?) Carrie Emily (Mrs. H. B. Kildahl) Academy no
1894-1895 Olson (Olsen?) Ella Ruth (Mrs. Emil Molstad) Academy yes 1897
1892-1893 Omdahl Alvilda Music Department no
1891-1892 Omdahl Gustava Cornelius A. Academy yes 1893
1893-1894 Omodt Amanda Academy no
1898-1899 Omodt Arnold Academy no
1894-1895 Omodt Ferdinand Meyer Academy yes 1897
1900-1901 Omodt Ferdinand Meyer College no
1900-1901 Onerheim Lars Olaf (Olai?) Academy no
1903-1904 Onnerem Andrew Academy no
1882-1883 Onsgaard Barbara Academy no
1885-1886 Onsgaard (Onsgard?) Carrie Academy no
1885-1886 Onsgard (Onsgaard?) Carrie Academy no
1894-1895 Onstad Andrew Academy yes 1898
1890-1891 Onstad Carl Johan Academy no
1898-1899 Onstad Ingerid Louise Marie Academy no
1889-1890 Onstad John Academy no
1894-1895 (retur Onstad Louisa Music Department no
1875 Onstad M. Academy no
1904-1905 Onstad Paul Martin Academy no
1898-1899 Opdahl Anders O. Academy no
1900-1901 Opdahl Carl Henry Academy/Scientific yes 1905
1875 Opdahl Ole Academy no
1901-1902 Opheim John Olai Academy no
1904-1905 Opjorden Gudrun Academy/Scientific yes 1908
1875-1876 Opsal Matt G. Academy no
1875-1876 Opsal G. G. Academy no
1898-1899 Orcutt Alfred Walter Academy no
1902-1903 Oredalen Julia Academy no
1902-1903 Oredalen Mary College no
1903-1904 Oredalen Oline Academy no
1899-1900 Ormbrek Ole Andreas Academy no
1903-1904 Osmundson Albert Osmund Academy no
1892-1893 Osmundson Ambrosia Sophia Academy no
1878-1879 Osmundson John O. Academy no
1903-1904 Osmundson John Orville Academy no
1875-1876 Ostensen Eli. Academy no
1875-1876 Ostrem Mary (Mrs. Carl N. Lien) Academy no
1898-1899 Ostwig Richter N. College no
1900-1901 Otterholt Mathilda Academy no
1881-1882 Otternes Peder G. Academy no
1884-1885 Otterness Erik Academy no
1886-1887 Otterness Oliver A. Academy no
1903-1904 Otterstad Nels T. Academy/Classical yes 1906
1882-1883 Otteson Lina. Academy no
1901-1902 Ottosen (Ottoson?) Carrie Academy no
1901-1902 Ottoson (Ottosen?) Carrie Academy no
1904-1905 Overby Christen (ian?) Olaus Academy no
1903-1904 Overby Hans Academy no
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