First 30 Years of Enrollment 2400-2499

Initial Matriculation Last Name First Name Department Graduate? Year
1900-1901 Sybilrud Albert Academy no
1895-1896 Sybilrud Kristen Academy yes 1897
1897-1898 Sybilrud Kristen College no
1893-1894 Sybilrud Maria (Marie?) E. Academy no
1893-1894 Sybilrud Martha Music Department no
1900-1901 Sybilrud Thea (Kanutta?) Henrietta Academy no
1882-1883 Sylling Hans Academy no
1881-1882 Sylvester H. Andreas. Academy no
1887-1888 Synnes Johannes Academy no
1901-1902 Syrdal Richard Rolfson Academy/Classical yes 1903
1903-1904 Syrdal Richard Rolfson College yes 1906
1897-1898 Syverson Gina Mathilde Academy no
1876-1877 Syverston Josephine. Academy no
1904-1905 Tagland Cora Talletta School of Music/piano, voice culture no
1904-1905 Tagland Judith Ludine School of Music/piano, voice culture no
1903-1904 Tallackson Austin Academy no
1879-1880 Tallakson Edward. Academy no
1879-1880 Tallakson Nils. Academy no
1883-1884 Talle Karen Tossana J. Academy no
1884-1885 Tandberg Anton Academy no
1883-1884 Tandberg John P Academy yes 1885
1887-1888 Tandberg John P College yes 1891
1877-1878 Tandberg O. T. Academy no
1902-1903 Tande Anton Academy no
1882-1883 Tangen Halvor Academy no
1877-1878 Taraldson Academy no
1876-1877 Tasa Helge E. Academy no
1877-1878 Tasa Karl Academy no
1880-1881 Tasa Knut. Academy no
1877-1878 Taulen Ole Academy no
1878-1879 Teigen Osten F. Academy no
1904-1905 Teigum Albert Marcus Academy/Scientific yes 1909
1901-1902 Tenold Henry Edward Academy no
1900-1901 Tenold Oscar Theodore Academy no
1902-1903 Tetlie John Richard College yes 1906
1903-1904 Tharaldson Conrad E. College yes 1907
1883-1884 Thingvold Christian. Academy no
1882-1883 Thoen Jacob E. Academy no
1880-1881 Thoen Nils E. Academy no
1882-1883 Thoen Nils E. Academy no
1903-1904 Thompson Agnes Elvina Academy no
1882-1883 Thompson Anders. Academy no
1903-1904 Thompson Anna Christina Music department/harmony no
1881-1882 Thompson Anton Norman. Academy no
1899-1900 Thompson Caroline College  (listed following year with academy students) no
1903-1904 Thompson Celia Otelia Academy no
1886-1887 Thompson Christen T. Academy no
1890-1891 Thompson Christian S. Academy yes 1893
1903-1904 Thompson Christiana Academy no
1903-1904 Thompson Dagny School of Music/voice culture no
1895-1896 Thompson Edith Music Department no
1875 Thompson Esther (Mrs. L. C. Rugland) Academy yes 1877
1903-1904 Thompson Flora Music Department/vocal no
1902-1903 Thompson Gena Sophia Academy/Scientific yes 1903
1903-1904 Thompson Gena Sophia College no
1903-1904 Thompson George Academy no
1901-1902 Thompson Gerhard Julian (Julius?) Academy no
1904-1905 Thompson Gilbert Andrew Academy no
1902-1903 Thompson Gilbert Oscar Academy no
1891-1892 Thompson Henry Marius Academy yes 1896
1900-1901 Thompson Henry Marius College yes 1903
1903-1904 Thompson Hilda Amalia Academy no
1903-1904 Thompson Ida Belinda Academy no
1891-1892 Thompson Ingeborg Academy no
1904-1905 Thompson J. Jorgen Academy/Classical yes 1906
1904-1905 Thompson J. Jorgen College yes 1909
1904-1905 Thompson J. Jorgen Masters (M.A.) yes 1912
1899-1900 Thompson Jeannette (Jennie?) Rosalie (Mrs. L. A. Dahl) Academy no
1903-1904 Thompson John Bernhard Academy/Scientific yes 1906
1898-1899 Thompson Joseph T. Academy no
1902-1903 Thompson Josephine Academy no
1880-1881 Thompson Knudt. Academy no
1886-1887 Thompson Laura Academy no
1877-1878 Thompson Louis Academy no
1895-1896 Thompson Louise Music Department no
1881-1882 Thompson Marie. Academy no
1899-1900 Thompson Nordal Leonard Academy no
1876-1877 Thompson Olai. Academy no
1902-1903 Thompson Olando Academy no
1900-1901 Thompson Ole Christian Jersing Academy yes 1901
1901-1902 Thompson Ole Christian Jersing College no
1903-1904 Thompson Oscar Carlton Jersing College yes 1905
1904-1905 Thompson Osmund Martin College yes 1907
1879-1880 Thompson Seriana Academy no
1904-1905 Thompson Sivert Academy/Scientific yes 1909
1895-1896 Thompson Susan (Susanna?) Louise Academy no
1904-1905 Thompson Sven Academy no
1879-1880 Thompson Th. Academy no
1902-1903 Thompson Thomas Academy no
1889-1890 Thompson Thomas W. Academy no
1885-1886 Thompson Walter Academy no
1899-1900 Thorbjornson Cornelius Academy no
1882-1883 Thorby Selmer. Academy no
1900-1901 Thoresen Hans Martin Academy/Classical yes 1902
1902-1903 Thoresen Hans Martin College no
1904-1905 Thoresen Thorstein Hartvig Academy/Scientific yes 1909
1904-1905 Thoresen Thorvald Academy no
1901-1902 Thoresen (Thoreson?) Abraham Harbo Academy no
1899-1900 Thoreson Alfred Academy no
1884-1885 Thoreson Anders C. Academy no
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