Last June the Alumni Association decided that the committee on Alumni Day should issue a souvenir and sell same at a reasonable price. Before the time came for issuing our souvenir another one was published, so the only thing left for the committee to do was to get out a more pretentious one or none at all. The first course was decided upon and the matter was left entirely in the hands of the undersigned who was elected editor and manager. I have tried to do the work as carefully and as comprehensively as time, money and space would allow. The work would not have been possible had it not been for the hearty co-operation of some of the leading contributors, among which special thanks are due Professors Felland and Grose and Rev. H. B. Kildahl for their contributions, without which the souvenir would not have been realized. In this connection the editor also desires to thank The Northfield News and Lutheraneren for many of the cuts used in the book. The photographic work was done by Sumner & Son and this kindness is gratefully acknowledged by the compiler.
Whatever there is of credit in the book is due to the contributors and any omissions of articles of interest or mistakes must be charged to the editor. Hoping that this little book will merit the approval of the Alumni Association of St. Olaf College and its friends and at the same time gratefully acknowledging the aid and encouragement received by all contributors and other friends,

I am yours respectfully,

Quarter Centennial Souvenir 1874-1899


Thorbjorn Nelson Mohn:
Twenty-Five Years President of St. Olaf College
History of St. Olaf College
St. Olaf College Alumni Association
College Organizations
The United Norwegian Lutheran Church of America
United Church Seminary
The City of Northfield
Rev. B.J. Muus