Rev. B. J. Muus

Just as the last pages of the Souvenir are leaving the press the cable brings the sad news that the founder of St. Olaf College is dead. He died on Friday, May 25th, 1900. Over a year ago he was stricken with paralysis from which he rallied sufficiently to accompany his daughter, Mrs. Klyver, who had come over from Norway to attend on him, back to her home in Throndhjem, where he spent his last days. Although the journey seemed to benefit him, he did not recover, and from time to time it has been reported that he was failing. Details of his last days and demise are lacking.

He was born in the parish Snaasen in Throndhjems Stift, Norway, on the 15th of March, 1832, thus attaining an age of sixty-eight years, two months and ten days.

Having graduated from the Latin school of Throndhjem in 1849 he entered the University of Christiania where he studied theology. After receiving ordination in 1859 he came to America, having accepted a call from Holden congregation, which he served for nearly forty years, till 1899.

He was a man of powerful intellect, strong will, and tender conscience; unswerving in the performance of duty, faithful in the service of his Divine Master. He is eminent as a theologian and one of the most notable men that his mother country has contributed to our western world. St. Olaf College stands as a monument of his energy and zeal in the cause of higher Christian education. The flag which to-day waves at half mast over the college pays honor to an illustrious man whose memory will be cherished as long as St. Olaf stands.

Decoration Day, 1900

Quarter Centennial Souvenir 1874-1899


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