St. Olaf College Alumni Association

By Johan A. Aasgaard ’98

The Alumni Association was organized in the year 1892. As yet there had only been graduated three classes and it looked like a rather hopeless task. But the organizers had caught some of that spirit that filled the president of the institution; and that was an unbounded faith in the future of St. Olaf. The principal part of the alumni meetings has been the gathering in of the dues by the treasurer. But there have also been social functions connected with the meetings of the association. One of the most memorable was no doubt the reception of the alumni to the college students and faculty on commencement night, 1896. Speeches were given by Revs. Siljan and Boe and at last President Mohn delivered a speech that will be remembered by all alumni present.


It is a standing rule that no money collected for dues shall be used for general expenses. It is the idea of the association that when a considerable fund is collected it shall be used to aid some branch of the work connected with the college.

Last November (1899) the association decided to gather money among the friends and ex-students to build a home for Mrs. Mohn, in remembrance of their late president. The work has been successfully pushed by the president of the association, Rev. H. B. Kildahl, and the home will be built in the near future.
At the closing of the tenth commencement in 1899 the association numbered fifty-five members. The work of the association in the past has been nothing great or famous, but as a means of promoting loyalty and faithfulness to St. Olaf College the association has been second to none, and we hope that in the future it may grow in strength and numbers and accomplish many things of lasting value to the church and St. Olaf College.

The present officers are: Rev. H. B. Kildahl, ’95, president; Rev. G. H. Stearns, ’96, vice president; L. W. Boe, ’98, secretary; Dr. P. G. Bjorneby, ’94, treasurer.

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