St. Olaf College Archives Mission Statement

St. Olaf College Archives Mission

Effective Date: 08-01-2019
Issuing Authority: Chief Information Officer, Libraries and IT
Program Coordinator: Lead Archivist
Last Updated: 08-01-2019

  • We actively collect the history of St. Olaf College, representing the many diverse voices in our
  • As stewards of St. Olaf’s institutional memory, we ensure the vitality of our cultural and
    intellectual history by adhering to national and international standards in our work.
  • We provide access to our collections by effectively describing, processing and preserving
    materials; and by using new technologies to expose them to our community.
  • We create meaningful opportunities for teaching, learning, research, and training by
    collaborating with library and IT staff, academic departments, the DiSCO, and other partners.