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How-to Use Evites
  1. Download the archive to your computer and uncompress the contents into a folder.
  2. Browse the folder and open the HTML file of the evite in your web browser.
  3. Click into the page, and select all then copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Compose a new email message.
  5. Paste into the body of the email.
  6. Click and drag the text you want to edit (line-by-line) and type in the changes. Doing this will retain the text formatting while you edit.
  7. Send a test message to yourself and review.
  8. Once finalized and approved, forward the message and make your final edits. Be sure to edit the subject by removing the “Fwd:” and clean up the body of the message and remove your signature (optional).
  9. Send to your target audience.


Our photographers make a conscious effort to try to capture authentic shots of students around campus or abroad. Oles in action; studying, performing, walking to class, or interacting with each other.

When you are trying to pick the right shot for your project, ask yourself this question: Does this shot tell an honest story about the St. Olaf experience?

If you have any questions about our media library, photo usage, photo requests or our approach to diversity, please contact us! Nothing wrong with asking.

Image Library ↓

A variety of photos that capture our beautiful campus and glimpses into our community on the Hill, photography by St. Olaf student workers.

Please note: If a student is able to be identified within a photo, you must first ask their permission to use the photo (and identify where you’ll be using the photo) and caption it with their name and class year.



#53585a DARK GREY
#f7f5f2 LIGHT GREY
#e4a01b GOLD
#ca870d DARK GOLD
#f7c55a LIGHT GOLD
#fa8d29 ORANGE
#a3d65c LIME
#cfe1d7 MINT
#233746 NAVY
#e84a36 RED
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#83dbe0 LIGHT BLUE
#00827e TEAL
#6e3a5d PURPLE
#f6f5f1 OFF WHITE
#ffffff WHITE