Timeline for Completion of the Distinction Process

Deadlines for Fulfilling the Requirements for Graduation with Distinction in Chemistry 
Event Fall Deadlines Spring Deadlines
Identify on-campus mentor September 15 February 15
Name faculty committee October 1 March 1
Rough draft of paper due to faculty mentor October 15 March 15
Revised draft of paper due to faculty committee November 10 April 11
Deadline for committee meeting November 24 April 25
Deadline for public presentation December 10 April 29
Final signed paper due to Chemistry Department Chair December 10 May 2

If a date in the table, above, falls on a weekend, the Monday following the weekend will be the enforced deadline.

Various aspects of the distinction process are described at the links below.

Qualifications necessary for pursuing distinction.

The required elements of the distinction process:
1. Participation in an experiential learning activity or project.
2. Production of a formal paper describing the project, usually in journal format.
3. Oral presentation of the paper to a small committee of faculty.
4. Public oral presentation of the work.