The Distinction Paper

Students should consider their goals for distinction (see Goals of the Distinction Process) and select an appropriate semester for completing the requirements for distinction.  The distinction paper should be based on the experiential learning activity chosen by the student. The paper will usually take the form of a scientific journal article.  Professional quality figures and tables will likely be included.

The student submits a draft of a paper to the distinction mentor by the advertised due date.  The mentor and the student work together to edit and adapt the paper as necessary to convey the work done in an acceptable and professional manner.  A semi-final version of this paper is presented to the candidate’s distinction committee at least a week prior to the candidate’s meeting with the committee.

Various aspects of the distinction process are described at the links below.

Qualifications necessary for pursuing distinction.

The required elements of the distinction process:
1. Participation in an experiential learning activity or project.
2. Production of a formal paper describing the project, usually in journal format.  (current page)
3. Oral presentation of the paper to a small committee of faculty.
4. Public oral presentation of the work.

Timeline for the completion of the distinction process.