Projects for 2005-06

Quantitative Analysis of Admission Trends

Description: The Admissions staff wishes to gain insight from data into several strategically important questions for St. Olaf. These questions include: How does the strength of an incoming student’s high school coursework impact his or her academic performance at St. Olaf? (and How can data confidentiality be assured when examining sensitive data from individual students?) How should St. Olaf use scores from the recently-created writing components to the SAT and ACT exams? How can St. Olaf identify new markets – clusters of students from across the country who might be likely to apply to St. Olaf if they knew more about the school? How should St. Olaf decide the number of students to admit in a given year to obtain the desired class size?

Faculty: Jeffrey Allen, Admissions, Christine Kohnen, Statistics

CIR Researchers: Kelly McConville,Kirsten Eilertson, Elizabeth Quin

Alcohol Place Conditioning Studies in Mice

Description: —

Faculty: Shelly Dickinson, Psychology, Jerry Ericksen

CIR Researchers: Megan Singel, Ben Tucker, Molly Wingader

Adolescent Mothers and Infants in a School-based Intervention Program

Description: —

Faculty: Dana Gross, Psychology, Paul Roback, Statistics

CIR Researchers: Molly Tuerk, Anne Malaktaris, Katie Schaefer

Moral Schemas Scale

Description: —

Faculty: Charles Huff, Psychology

CIR Researchers: Kathleen Kephart, Steff Halberstadt and Colin Colby

Broadening Statistical Analysis in Sociolinguistics

Description: —

Faculty: Rika Ito, Asian Studies and Linguistics Concentration

CIR Researchers: Haley Hedlin, Stacey Wood

Statistics as a tool to further Tuberculosis Genome Research

Description: —

Faculty: Rob Rutherford, Biology

CIR researchers: Doug Baumann, Joel Beard, Kristin Henry

Baseball and Statistics

Description: —

Faculty: Matt Richey, Statistics

CIR Researchers: Danny Szydlo, Mark Holland

Modeling Bird Nesting: Bluebirds and Tundra Swans

Description: —

Faculty: Gene Bakko, Biology, Nicole Hoft, Math Biology

CIR Researchers: Allan Trapp, Kezia Manlove, Phil Schulte