French Major

In courses for the major, students refine their oral and written French, gain intercultural competence, and develop analytical skills through the study of Francophone contemporary cultures, civilizations, and literature.

Requirements for the French major:

Students must take a minimum of eight (8) courses in French above FREN 112, as follows:

  • Two 250-level courses, at least one of which must be taught by a St. Olaf instructor
  • Two 270-level courses, at least one of which must be taught by a St. Olaf instructor
  • Two 300-level courses, taken on-campus and taught by a St. Olaf instructor
  • Two additional relevant courses of the student’s choosing; may include FREN 231, FREN 232 or FREN 235. A maximum of one course with a significant French/Francophone focus from another department or program on campus is allowed.
  • Scores of AP 4 or 5 or IB HL 6 or HL 7 may count as one of the electives for the French major. Please consult the French Section head.

Examples of relevant courses from other departments include:

  • ART 251: Art 1776-1880, Revolutionary Art
  • ART 252: Art 1880-1945, “The Shock of the New”
  • ART 263: Medieval Art
  • ART 271: Gothic Art
  • HIST 210: Major Seminar: European History
  • HIST 226: Modern France
  • HIST 227: French Revolution and Napoleon
  • MUSIC 343: Music of the Classical and Romantic Eras
  • PHIL 236: History of Modern Philosophy
  • PSCI 260: History of Modern Political Thought
  • PSCI 283: European Social Democracy
  • THEAT 270: History of Theater up to 1700

Requirements for the French major with K-12 Teaching Licensure:

Requirements for a French Major with K-12 Teaching Licensure

  • FREN 250: Speaking (of) French (1.00 Credit)
  • FREN 251: Writing French (1.00 Credit)
  • FREN 252: Introduction to Literary Analysis (1.00 Credit)
  • FREN 271: The Francophone World (1.00 Credit)
  • FREN 372: Topics in Francophone Studies (1.00 Credit)
  • Three electives in French (one must be at 300-level) (1.00 Credit)

One additional level III  French course (1.00 Credit)
Two electives above FREN 112 (2.00 Credit)

  • EDUC 250 Second Language Acquisition (1.00 Credit)
  • EDUC 321: Teaching of Reading, 5-12 (.50 Credit)
  • EDUC 353: Teaching of World Languages, K-12 (1.00 Credit)
  • All other requirements for the K-12 teaching licensure program in French
    Total Credits 10.50

All French majors are urged to study abroad in France or in another Francophone country. This is particularly important for French teaching majors.