Javanese Gamelan Ensemble

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The St. Olaf Javanese Gamelan Ensemble was established in 2019 after Mary Shamrock ’58 generously donated the instruments to the College. A gamelan consists of a large number of bronze gongs and metallophones of different sizes, a set of drums, as well as elaborating instruments such as a zither, a bowed fiddle, and a flute. Each set of instruments receives an individual name — the St. Olaf set, first commissioned by Shamrock, is Gamelan Kyai Kumbul, with “kumbul” meaning “growth.” 

Upcoming Performances

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It’s been gratifying to broaden students’ exposure to non-Western music and see the joy they have in joining together.Mary Shamrock ’58

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Taylor Center Open House

Check out our performance supporting the Taylor Center opening.


Rehanna Kheshgi introduces the Inaugural Kyai Kumbul Concert

Mary Shamrock (’58) describes the journey of this particular set of gamelan instruments

Lancaran Sayuk Slendro Pathet Manyuro and Ratna Sari dance

Lagu Dolanan Pemut Slendro Manyuro and Bubaran Udan Mas

Ladrang Kagok and Lancaran Serayu Pelog Pathet Limo

Lagu Dolanan Pemut Slendro Manyuro and Bubaran Udan Mas