Johnson Scholarship Award Winners

Lowell and Barbara Johnson established an endowed scholarship in 1996 to benefit an outstanding student completing the Great Conversation program. Each year the teaching teams and director of the program select a student from the final course to award the “Great Conversation Student of the Year” merit scholarship.

In addition to academic achievement, criteria for the Johnson Scholarship Award include a demonstrated love of the great works, ideas and artistic moments of the western tradition; dexterity of mind that makes for the best kind of critical reflection; and enjoyment of “conversation” about the great works and ideas in a way that promotes intellectual exchange and community.

Class of 2021

Noah Hillman, Shanthi Chackalackal, and Ruby Erickson

Class of 2020

Madeline Miller and Meredith Cook

Class of 2019

Andrew Salij and Anna Moen

Class of 2018

Sage Fulco and Tim Bergeland

Class of 2017

Katharina Bierman, Emma Johnson, Colin Scheibner, and Emily Witt

Class of 2016

Natalie Kopp, Jenna McKellips, and Priyanka Subramanian

Class of 2015

Julia Irons, Audrey Kidwell, Grace Koch, Emma Ritter, and Karen Van Acker

Class of 2014

Christopher Allen and Annelise Brandel-Tanis

Class of 2013

Emelia Carroll, Audrey Slote, and Benjamin Keisling

Class of 2012

Bjorn Mellem, Amy Chatelaine, and Bjorn Wastvedt

Class of 2011

Elizabeth Kerstein and Stina Attebery

Class of 2010

Matthew Jobe and Cody Venzke

Class of 2009

Christine Koch and Peter Moench

Class of 2008

Hannah Bolt

Class of 2007

Mary Sotos

Class of 2006

Christian Huebner

Class of 2005

Christopher Schifani

Class of 2004

Amanda Johnson

Class of 2003

Jeremy Strief

Class of 2002

Maren Flynn and Elizabeth Milos

Class of 2001

Clare Sanford and Matthew Steenberg

Class of 2000

Henry Adams

Class of 1999

Adam Malamen