Ethics Plan and Related Forms

For details on the appropriate forms to complete and the review procedures for different types of projects, please see Ethics Training Requirements and Resources.  Since forms can change, we recommend downloading forms from this site before starting each new project application. Please submit each form and attachment as a separate document rather than as a consolidated PDF; this is helpful in the review process. 

Ethics Plans

The ethics plan includes the ethical provisions applicable to all inquiry types. It is required for all applications. There are two document types (Word & Google Docs) available below.

Word Document  – Ethics Plan for Inquiries Involving People

Google Docs – Ethics Plan for Inquiries Involving People

This will ask you to create a copy in your own drive.

Other Forms

PLEASE NOTE: These forms should be opened and saved in Microsoft Word. They will not convert to Google Docs or Forms. 

Authorization to Contact Participants

Use this form to obtain permission to contact prospective participants from an email alias, membership list, class list, or other list maintained by an individual or organization.

Project Information for Participants Worksheet

Collection and use of primary data requires the investigator to provide project information for prospective participants. This worksheet will assist investigators in preparing complete project information. It does not need to be submitted with the Ethics Plan but helps prepare other documents, such as informed consent forms.

Video/Photo Permission Form

Projects that include the making of videos photographs should include written permission from the individuals represented in the images. This form may be used for that purpose. It can also serve as a template for audio recordings that will be used for dissemination (not for the investigator’s use alone).

Ethics Plan Review Form

Faculty or staff supervising a student project that does not require IRB review or request for IRB advice may use this form when providing feedback to the student on his or her ethics plan. Instructors may wish to use this form as part of an ethics plan peer review assignment.

Forms for Approved Type 3 Projects Only

Modification Proposal

A Modification Proposal should be submitted when the investigator wishes to make changes to an inquiry project that has a current IRB approval. Such changes may include the project’s duration, participants, recruitment methods, questionnaires, consent process, or other procedures as described in the project IRB Application, Ethics Plan, and/or attachments.

Request for Continuing Review

Federal regulations require annual review of an IRB-approved inquiry when the data collection component of a project extends beyond one year. A Request for Continuing Review should be submitted three weeks prior to the end date of the previous approval.