Research Ethics Policies and Procedures

St. Olaf College affirms the ethical principles of respectbeneficence, and justice in all inquiries that involve gathering information from or about people, whether through surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations of behavior, or analysis of existing records.  Different types of inquiry projects require different kinds of education, forms, and review procedures to ensure that these principles are reflected in project designs.

Project type determination and requirements

Determine your project type
St. Olaf has defined three types of inquiries involving people, as described below.  This page helps investigators determine whether a proposed inquiry is a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 project.

Determine the requirements for student and faculty/staff investigators
This page summarizes the education requirements, forms, and review procedures for all types of student projects

Ethics Plan and Related Forms
This page provides links for forms required for Ethics Plan applications.

Research Ethics for Inquiries Involving People: Education, Ethics Planning, and Review Policies
The comprehensive St. Olaf policy document that describesall education requirements, forms, and review procedures for all three types of projects described above