Current Courses

Fall 2018

ENG 209  Arab-American Literature and Film
HIST 291 Intro to African History
ID 234 Human Geography of the Middle East
REL 246 Islam — Religion and Community

 Interim 2019

BIO 253 Water in Morocco: Precious, Precarious, and Problematic (off-campus)
FREN 235 French Language and Moroccan Culture in Fez (off-campus)
REL 271 Bible in Context:Hist/Geography/Culture in Israel & Palestine (off-campus)

 Spring 2019

FREN 271 The Francophone World The Maghreb
HIST 189  Jihad and Crusade
MEST 202 Topics in Modern Middle Eastern Studies:  Middle Eastern Film
REL 217 Christian and Islamic Ethics: Conflicts and Cross-Pollination
REL 248 Judaism

Also:  Carleton Courses with Seats Reserved for Oles – (Talk to Jamie Schillinger, Director of Middle East Studies for more information)

Fall 2018
ARBC 101  Elementary Arabic

Interim 2019
ARBC 102  Elementary Arabic

Spring 2019
ARBC 103  Elementary Arabic