Requirements for the Concentration

The Middle East studies concentration requires a minimum of five courses. Courses must deal in a significant and disciplined manner with one or more aspects of Middle East culture or history. At least one course must be taken on campus. Typically, courses taken on the Term in the Middle East and a course on Global Semester count toward the concentration. Many courses offered by relevant departments at the American University of Cairo and Bogazici University, among other semester abroad destinations, count toward the concentration.

Courses taken abroad should be certified by the director of the Middle East Studies Concentration as fulfilling the appropriate course requirements.


Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to study in the Middle East through St. Olaf international programs, including: Global Semester, Term in the Middle East, the ACM Semester in Middle Eastern and Arabic Language Studies in Amman (Jordan), Semester at Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey), or Semester at American University in Cairo (Egypt).