Neuro Club

Neuro Club

 Neuro Club participants enjoy a hot beverage, snacks and informal conversation at NEURO NIBBLES.
Back Row (L-R): Quinn Truax, Noah Massanari, Lucia Wagner, Danny Bang, Josie Abbott, Meredith Gilles, Elianna Wiersma.
Front Row (L-R): Carter Anderson, Prof. Shelly Dickinson, Kate Schmiechen

The Neuroscience Club aims to provide a forum for St. Olaf students who have an interest in neuroscience to meet and learn more about the field. Meetings allow Oles to explore topics in neuroscience that interest them, learn about research being performed by professors and students at St. Olaf, and discuss scientific literature in many different areas of neuroscience. The Neuroscience Club also does outreach in Northfield by performing demonstrations about neuroscience during Brain Awareness Week at the Northfield Middle School. You can find the  Neuro Club Constitution by clicking on the link.

2021-22 Officers:   President: Emily McCoy
                                   Vice President: Quinn Truax
                                   Secretary: Gio Dumont
                                   Treasurer: Danny Barry

Meetings Fall 2021:
Tuesdays, 8-8:30 PM, RNS 206

Neuro Nibbles, Fall 2021:
Wednesdays, 10:10-10:30, Regents 2nd Floor atrium