Requirements for the Concentration

Neuroscience is a contract concentration requiring six courses (for a total of 6 credits): two foundation courses, three electives (two with lab), and one seminar.
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PSYCH 238, Biopsychology, 1 credit
PSYCH 238 introduces students to the fundamental principles underlying the relationship between the brain and behavior, with an emphasis on the systems and cognitive levels.
NEURO 239, Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, 1 credit
NEURO 239 focuses on the physiology and development of neurons and neural circuits across the animal kingdom.
Two Electives with a lab component, 2 credits
The first must be from the approved list of Neuroscience Core courses.
(see Category A list)
The second may be from either Category A or Category B. If the second is NOT from Category A, it must be from Category B and from a different department.
(See Category B list)
Elective, 1 credit
This can be any course from List A, B, or C.
One Level 111 Seminar, 1 credit