Neuro Professional Organizations

American Academy of Neuroscience – Membership opportunities browse for jobs and science news.

American Association of Neurological Surgeons – For students pursuing a career in neurosurgery.

American Neurological Association – For aspiring neurologists and neuroscientists.

American Psychological Association – Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology.

Association of Neuroscience Departments and Programs – A list of neuroscience programs.

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience – Neuroscientists interested in undergraduate education.

Mayo Clinic – The website provides information on molecular neuroscience and related programs.

National Institute of Health – For students interested in medical school, find internships.

National Institute of Mental Health – A database of internships or opportunities here.

National Institute of Neurological Disorder – For students interested in disorder.

Neuroscience News – Find and be updated on the latest neuroscience news.

Society for Neuroscience – Neuroscience career and funding opportunities among other things.

Women in Neurosurgery – Specifically for women in the field of neuroscience.

International Organizations

Neuroscience Study Abroad Program

International Brain Research Organization

International Society for the History of Neuroscience

Federation of European Neuroscience Society