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Making connections in the fine arts

""One third of St. Olaf College students are involved in music, and many want to make music part of their career — as musicians or as managers. Many others major or participate in theater, dance, and studio art, and want to make their career on the stage or to show their work in a gallery.

St. Olaf alumni have pursued a broad range of careers in the fine arts successfully, and, over the years, they have been generous in sharing their experiences and networks with current St. Olaf students.

The college’s new Ole Arts event will connect St. Olaf alumni and current students. The event aims to help students answer questions like: How do you become successful as an artist? A musician? A dancer? An actor or director? How do you overcome the many challenges faced by young artists? How do you support yourself when you are starting out? How do you find funding to support your work at the beginning of your career?

The April 2 event will be held at the Public Functionary Gallery, where the St. Olaf 5th Year Emerging Artist program will have its first gallery opening in the Twin Cities. In the future, Ole Arts will rotate between other venues.

Ole Arts will provide students interested in pursuing careers in music, theater, dance, visual arts, arts management, arts education, art therapies, photography, and creative and design fields with the opportunity to network with alumni already in the field. Networking provides students with a valuable opportunity for career advice and opens doors for job shadows and internships.

Ole Arts is the newest addition to the St. Olaf College Piper Center for Vocation and Career’s Ole Suite. Other Ole Suite networking events include Ole Law, Ole Biz, Oles for the Public Interest, and Ole Med. The Piper Center provides resources and experiences designed to help students leverage their liberal arts education to achieve their full potential. The Center is dedicated to helping students successfully start careers following graduation through career counseling, interview practice, and resume reviews.