St. Olaf Magazine | Fall 2022

The 39th Annual Gimse Global Engagement Photo Contest

Although the number of St. Olaf College students who participated in study abroad and study away programs this past year remained lower than usual in the wake of the pandemic, Oles still embarked on adventures around the globe and across the country. And as they have for nearly four decades, many submitted their photography for the annual Gimse Global Engagement Photo Contest.

The contest is named in honor of Professor Emeritus of Art A. Malcolm (Mac) Gimse ’58 and his wife, Jackie. They took groups of students abroad 20 times, helping more than 500 Oles achieve an informed global perspective. An accomplished photographer, Mac took thousands of photos during his travels and used those photos to the benefit of the students who took his art history and architecture classes on campus.

The following images were captured by St. Olaf students in England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Korea, Taiwan, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

For more information about these study abroad and study away programs, as well as other opportunities available to St. Olaf students, visit the Smith Center for Global Engagement. Learn more about the grand opening of the center this fall, the financial support available for students studying abroad, and what Oles learn by studying abroad and away.

“Time Warp” By Carter Schafer ’24
Location: Chelan, Washington
Program: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village

“I captured this star trail as the stars arced from Buckskin Mountain to Copper Peak, the iconic mountains of Holden Village.”

Location: Chelan, Washington
Program: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden VillagE

“Early on a warm (50 degrees) Saturday morning, the majority of our Interim class went on a four-hour round-trip hike to Copper Basin. This hike is only accessible from Holden Village and was incredibly steep at the beginning. As the trail became more flat, we bushwhacked through trees to reach Copper Basin. However, we continued hiking in the open snow until we approached the edges of Copper Basin and the true wonder of these mountains. I took this photo at our final destination, where I was in awe of nature’s beauty and lost in the North Cascades.”

“THE IRON LADY” By Camryn Scott ’22
Location: Eiffel Tower · Paris
Program: IES Study Abroad in Milan, Italy

“While I was abroad, I took the opportunity to travel with some friends to Paris. I captured this photo as we gazed at the glowing and twinkling lights of the iconic Eiffel Tower on our first night in France.”

Location: Ha’iku Stairs · O’ahu, Hawaii
Program: Multicultural Education in Hawaii: Seminar and Practicum

“Overlooking the cities of Ahuimanu and Kaneohe, the Ha’iku stairs, otherwise known as the Stairway to Heaven, were a path that sailors used to reach a radio station in the peak of World War II. The radio station, now inoperational, serves as a lookout point for hikers traversing the island. In 2019 the Hawaii state government declared the stairs to be off limits, so hikers discovered a back way up a mountain to reach the radio outpost. The hike is approximately seven hours long.”

“CAPITAL CONNECTIONS” By Fricka Lindemann ’22
Location: DC Metro Station · Washington, D.C.
Program: Washington Semester in Washington, D.C.

“Washington, D.C. is an outstanding city. It’s got the warmth, the density, the power, and the diversity of people. Another aspect that makes Washington outstanding is its terrific subway system that stretches into Maryland and Virginia as well. While Vienna, Virginia, is a relatively average town, its accessibility has the power to drastically change the livelihoods of its residents. All stations have a very recognizable waffle look, and the lines are color-coded. To get to Vienna, I hopped on Orange.”

“SHEEP AT BLENHEIM PALACE” By Madeline Everett ’22
Location: Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Program: Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Humanities Program, Oxford

“While studying abroad in Oxford, England at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, we took a field trip to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. The palace itself is very impressive, but it was also fascinating to visit because it was a filming location for the Harry Potter and James Bond films. We went to the palace on the most beautiful, crisp fall day; even the sheep seemed to be enjoying the weather.”

“GUARDIANS” By Xia Xiong ’22
Location: Deoksugung Palace · Seoul, South Korea
Program: Yonsei University

“Six animals on top of a palace building, known in Korean as japsang.”

“THE NORTH COAST” By Johnna Johnson ’22
Location: Magheracross, Northern Ireland
Program: HECUA Democracy and Social Change: Northern Ireland

“Taken off the North Coast of Northern Ireland at the Magheracross viewing point near Portrush.”

“LANTERNS” By Natasia Preys ’22
Location: Fengjia (逢甲) Night Market · Taichung, Taiwan
Program: Term in Taiwan

“The Fengjia (逢甲) night market bustles with people. Food stands and shops pack the streets, but a quick glance upward reveals a whole other world.”

“LISSIE IN TAIWAN” By Mei Kreibich ’22
Location: Wenshan District · Taipei, Taiwan
Program: Term in Taiwan

“Meet Lissie: She likes long walks after a warm rain shower. She, like myself, enjoys a good photography challenge too. We challenged ourselves to take photos at non-tourist locations on one of our walks. The product of our walk is this image. We wanted to demonstrate our capability to capture tasteful images without exoticizing another cultural location. English speakers assume traveling abroad to non-English speaking countries is like being thrown into an unrecognizable world. Still, this photo shows how parallel opposite sides of the world can look. Depending on if you could read the signage or notice other subtle indicators of the location, you may or may not know this is Taiwan.”

Location: Ashland, Oregon
Program: Oregon Extension

“Justin Vorndran ’23 plays guitar in a rustic cabin in the woods at the Oregon Extension.”

“SOLEMNITY” By Helen Olson ’24
Location: Chelan, Washington
Program: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village

“The village at night is a quiet, restful community as students rush to the sauna or gather around tables to play cards. Meanwhile, the sky is clear, stars are bright, and the pine martens dig through compost bins.”

“SUNRISE OVER BUDAPEST” By Marley Anderson ’23
Location: Gellért-hegy · Budapest, Hungary
Program: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education

“The morning was cold, but my friends and I set early alarms and traveled across the Duna River from Pest into Buda to climb Gellért-hegy (Gellert Hill) for a spectacular sunrise over the city. We enjoyed each other’s company, talking and laughing to distract ourselves from the cold. I feel like so much of what made my study abroad experience so amazing were the friendships I made throughout the semester. We huddled close and enjoyed the view of the city that became our home for the semester.”

“NEOLITHIC IRISH TOMB” By Katherine Schmiechen ’22
Location: Poulnabrone Dolmen · Burren, County Clare, Ireland
Program: DIS Copenhagen

“Exploring local landmarks of my ancestral county in Ireland.”

“SNUG IN OUR SQUARES!” By YiWynn Chan ’22
Location: Florida
Program: Field Paleontology in Florida

“We got to experience how real paleontologists work! Armed with a small foam pad (for our bums), a bucket (for the sand), plastic bags (for the bones we’ll discover), we dug through the sand.”

“Stark” By Carter Schafer ’24
Location: Chelan, Washington
Program: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village

“A more abstract photo, I liked the contrast between the black trees and the white snow. The fog rolling in provided the ideal atmosphere.”

“Timing or Luck?” By Carter Schafer ’24
Location: Chelan, Washington
Program: Living Faith: Theology and Practice at Holden Village

“This one fell more in the ‘luck’ category. As I woke up one morning for a hike, I stepped outside my lodge and was greeted with the moon floating over the apex of Dumbell mountain.”

“The Old Bark Burner” By Luke Springer ’23
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Program: Oregon Extension

“They used to be staples dotting the landscape in the Pacific Northwest. In logging and mill towns, discarded bark and tree waste was thrown into these metal, cone-shaped edifices and burned with an eternal flame. Today there is less waste in logging operations and most bark burners have been destroyed or removed. This bark burner, in the heart of the campus at the Oregon Extension, was destined for the scrap pile when they tried to tear it down with an excavator many decades ago, but it remains standing, albeit with a slight lean. It now houses a mushroom farm and the materials for biochar, a form of carbon sequestration.”

“The Streets of Taipei” By Natasia Preys ’22
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Program: Term in Taiwan

“Scooters are the preferred mode of transportation throughout Taiwan.”

“Luce Memorial Chapel” By Natasia Preys ’22
Location: Tunghai University · Taichung, Taiwan
Program: Term in Taiwan

“This is the famous Luce Memorial Chapel located at Tunghai University. The unique architecture brings visitors from around the country. This area is surrounded by a canopy of beautiful red-flowered trees while roaming dogs enjoy naps in the shade.”

“Namsan Hearts” By Xia Xiong ’22
Location: Namsan Tower · Seoul, South Korea
Program: Yonsei University

“Namsan Tower sits atop a mountain accessible by a hike up stairs, cable car, or bus. It is a popular place for people of all ages. Couples often lock heart-shaped padlocks onto the fencing and throw away the key to signify their everlasting love.”

“An Umbrella for Your Rainy Day” By Marley Anderson ’23
Location: Szentendre, Hungary
Program: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education

“The first time I visited this magical street in Szentendre, a small town just north of Budapest, it was pouring rain. After a long day of sight-seeing throughout Hungary, I was tired and honestly just wanted to go back to my apartment, especially with the rainy weather. However, walking through the streets near Fő tér (Main Square) and seeing this street covered in umbrellas had me smiling right away. It was so perfect with the rainy weather to see a street full of umbrellas! After that first trip to this street, I went back many times (where I then took this photo on a sunny September afternoon) to walk through the colorful streets of Szentendre.”

“La Città Alta” By Camryn Scott ’22
Location: Bergamo, Italy
Program: IES Study Abroad in Milan, Italy

“Shaped by Venetian culture and the birthplace of stracciatella, la città alta and la città bassa are part of upper and lower Bergamo, a beautiful and historical northern Italian town. I spent the day exploring la città alta. I ended my day at the top of Rocca di Bergamo, an ancient stronghold from the 14th century, watching the sun set over la città bassa.”

“Shores of Denmark” By Katherine Schmiechen ’22
Location: Tisvildeleje Strand, Denmark
Program: DIS Copenhagen

“The sun sets on one of the last nights of my semester abroad in Denmark.”

“Nights From Above the Concrete Jungle” By Mei Kreibich ’22
Location: Taipei 101 · Taipei, Taiwan
Program: Term in Taiwan

“The image depicts the night view from Taipei 101’s 360-degree observation deck. The tower is an identifiable symbol among locals and tourists. Visiting allows you to see stunning views of Taiwan’s economic and cultural hub. The bird’s-eye view of the industrial concrete jungle shows zoomed-out hustle and bustle of city life. You will see the massive metro system, work life, and locals and tourists at their favorite convenience stores.”